A World Unaware


There is a world so unaware, of what looms beyond earth out there,

So caught up in living they can’t see, when it’s over there’s eternity.

Men are duped by the prince of the air, and so busy they don’t care.

For all of us who have believed, it’s our duty to help those deceived.

We get so busy we become unaware; of a fire missing called we care,

A fire in our hearts, deep inside, that is lit by Christ, when we abide.

And when Christ lights that fire, His compassion becomes our desire.

So we can help unbelievers to see, the Truth from God about eternity.

Truth is essential for all men to know, when choosing which way to go,

Down many roads with many bends, my friend, there are only two ends.

What may seem like a pleasant path, can lead you right to God’s Wrath,

While the one that seems not to entice, could lead you right to Paradise.

You can not follow worldly guides; you must follow a God who is Wise,

God’s Word is very frank my friend, in that every life will one day end.

It’s destined for man to once die, then face judgment from God on high,

And my friend it is a sure certainty, that every man will face an eternity.

If you trust your life to Jesus Christ, like the thief, you’ll enter Paradise.

But if you pursue a worldly desire, you will be cast into the Lake of Fire.

Without Christ you will eternally die, for our Eternal God does not lie.

But end this earthly life with Christ, and you shall receive Eternal Life.

Death is not a place of ease, as unbelievers are sent right to Hades,

This is a place of pain and torment, as you wait for Eternal Judgment.

And death my friend is truly a curse, as Hell in eternity is even worse.

So what do you have to lose, by making Life the choice you choose?

(Copyright ©03/2005)

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