Time Alone With God

Friend, time alone with God will do, many things for both me and you,

God can lift a burden from your heart, if through prayer you only start.

Start to share what’s hurting you, and God will give a peace to you,

A peace from God my dear friend; a peace in Christ that will not end.

And time alone in God’s Word, is something that we all have heard.

A time of reading can help you see, what God can do for you and me.

Friend in The Word God speaks to us, filling us with Hope and Trust.

A Hope and Trust that’s needed friend, to help us safely to the end.

Spend some time to reflect on Christ, and all He has done in your life,

From the time that He entered in, on that day that He forgave your sin.

And how He came to live in you, on the day He granted you life anew,

And how Christ prepared for you, your own mansion up in Heaven too.

When in The Word, the time we spend, can be used to guide a friend,

To guide them in The Truth of God, helping them on the road to trod,

It is the only road that everyone, must walk along to meet God’s Son.

For Jesus Christ is the only way, no matter what your friend may say.

A special time with Jesus Christ, helps you friend to renew your life,

For He can help you be the Light, that He can shine into the night,

Helping you as a New Creation, to reach others with His Salvation.

Then when your time has its end, He will say “well done my friend.”

(Copyright ©02/2005)

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Naomi Angeline's picture

this poem ministers to me so deeply...
I'm glad I fell upon it.