All Our Trials

All our trials and all our strife, have their roots in our spiritual life,

Friend we are not just anyone, for we are the image of God’s Son.

We were created more than whole; we were given a body and a soul.

All other creation is as you see, but we have been made for Eternity.

Placed in a garden with no strife, and we were given Eternal Life.

With God man had unfettered fellowship, then Satan entered into it.

Satan’s ploy had caused man to fall, but that my friend was not all.

Being banished from Paradise, started for all men a world of strife.

God no longer walked with them, as their fellowship came to an end.

Outside the garden it got worse, for on the earth God put a curse.

One thing lost in all this strife, was man’s assurance of Eternal Life,

When man takes his last breath, without God, he faces Eternal Death.

It’s from Adam that we inherit sin, that causes us deep grief within.

Friend it is this sin that causes strife, affecting each and every life.

All wicked trials, big and small, can be traced back to Adam’s fall.

And all evil emotions deep within, stem from Adam’s original sin.

Just as Adam caused all men to fall, Christ came to redeem us all,

To redeem us from a market of sin, that causes us bondage within.

He came in the midst of our strife, to restore to all men Eternal Life,

And give to all an inner peace, and a relationship that won’t cease.

(Copyright ©02/2005)

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sue mceachern's picture

beautiful profound poem.