Anticipating Not

The End Times

They move ahead with certainty, what they plan will come to be,

Making plans with an expectation, waiting with sure anticipation,

That the plans which they sow, just like a tree, shall surely grow,

But, without Christ, for sure, the plans they make will not endure.

Nations also make their plans too, with expectations, this is true,

However, the plans they long to see, are not sown with certainty,

Because the Decrees of The Lord, by many nations, go ignored,

So those darker plans of men, God Himself will surely condemn.

Many a people and nations too, plot out a plan that they pursue,

As they pursue their every desire, of other men they may inquire,

Never looking into God’s Ways, for they seek only man’s praise,

In man’s ways they put their trust, in beings who return unto dust.

Many plans which we see today, are put in place by men of clay,

Their plans fail before they begin, for they are inundated with sin,

And these men are like the grass, promoting ways that won’t last,

The dark plans that they create, The Righteous Lord will frustrate.

Man made plans oppose The Lord, and their ways aren’t ignored,

By a Sovereign Righteous God, reigning over all this earthly sod,

In the plans many contemplate, Judgment they do not anticipate,

So plans are ended by the Lord, as Judgment by God is poured.

The Lord’s Spirit will not contend, with man’s evil ways in the end,

Man’s foolishness, in God’s eyes, is thought by many to be wise,

Man’s godless ways and thought, will bring man’s plan to naught,

As the only plan that shall endure, is the Eternal plan of The Lord.

(Copyright ©12/2009)

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Excellent piece, it is truly amazing!