When Christ Comes to Reign

The Nation Israel

When Christ comes to reign friend, all scoffing will come to an end,

For all the world will know for sure, that He is God and He is Lord.

Long ago Christ did what He said, as God Jesus rose from the dead.

Now in heaven He laughs at the fool, who scoffed at His coming Rule,

Soon from Jerusalem He will fulfill, His Eternal Reign on His Holy Hill.

Christ was Prophet, Priest and King, like the songs we love to sing,

Like songs of His life before, we will sing of His Reign forevermore.

As a prophet on earth He told, the world of things that shall unfold,

As a priest He brought a sacrifice, that was indeed, His very own life,

And as King, His reign will endure, from New Jerusalem forevermore.

For His covenant with Abraham, He’s coming back to purge the land,

Upon that land are coming woes, when Christ destroys Israel’s foes,

In the land given to him by God; the enemies within Christ will trod.

To Jerusalem nations will come, to be destroyed by God’s Only Son.

Jesus Christ will not be ignored, and all will be Holy unto The Lord.

Friend upon God’s chosen nation, He will pour a spirit of supplication,

A fountain will open for David’s Clan, for the cleansing of every man.

And every eye will see The One that they pierced back in Jerusalem.

For one third who are refined by fire, Christ will be their Heart’s desire,

And Christ will reign over His own, eternally upon King David’s Throne.

(Copyright ©01/2005)

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