God Spoke Through The Ages

God's Sovereignty

God spoke to Adam and Eve; they then by Satan were deceived,

And then they both had to leave, the Paradise they had received.

Enoch walked with God in his day, then by God was taken away,

Taken away from the earth he trod, into the very presence of God.

Noah was told about all the dark, and that he had to build the ark,

So God could save Noah’s family, from the flood that all would see.

Abraham was told by God to leave, as he was one who did believe.

So he packed up and left his land, trusting in God’s heart and hand.

Jacob had wrestled with the Lord; it was for a blessing he implored,

And he would not let go of God, until he received His Gracious nod.

God had given Moses the call, to climb up Sinai to receive the Law,

To guide God’s people to the land, that God promised to Abraham.

God spoke to other prophets too, so men accepted what they knew,

And God continued to speak to all, to redeem man from Adam’s fall.

Through the many prophets of old, God’s message to men foretold,

In time He would reach every nation, with His Grace and Salvation.

God chose in these last days, to speak through Christ to His Praise,

He sent Jesus to fulfill The Word, many priests and prophets heard.

His Son came to be the sacrifice, so men could inherit Eternal Life.

So believe in The Words of Christ, and you will enter into Paradise.

(Copyright ©09/2005)

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honey811's picture

WOW this ia an amazing piece, speaks and fortold with truth. actually when I was reading this piece and made me think of the little children who are being taught the word andways of God. I truelly think this piece should be published. I really loved it. Great and wonderful right.