A Disciple of Christ

When you cleave onto God’s Word, the Truth of God that you heard,

And choose to follow Jesus Christ, allowing God’s Word into your life,

You then become a disciple of, The Lord and Savior and God above.

Only in Christ, are men truly free, with a freedom that spans Eternity.

It is a freedom which begins inside, when in Jesus Christ you abide.

In God’s Word is revealed proof, that Jesus Christ is the Living Truth.

Knowing this Truth sets men free; that is sinful men like you and me,

From the bondage we’re now in, the hidden bondage that we call sin.

As this Truth you’ve come to know, within your heart begins to grow,

You dear friend indeed will find, frees both your heart and your mind.

You will know just why Christ came, and endured the cross of shame,

With The Truth you can reason why, our Lord Jesus Christ had to die.

Friend, every heart that Christ frees, The Lord above fills with peace,

And His Truth supplies the Light, to lead you out of the darkest night.

Because this Truth is The Light, it’s the only way that’s eternally right.

The Way, the Truth and Life is but one, Jesus Christ, God’s Only Son.

This Truth my friend is Jesus Christ, Truth which leads to Eternal Life.

That is why only Christ can say; He is The Truth, The Light and Way.

Today embrace The Word of God; Truth will guide the path you trod,

Make His Word a part of your life, and you will be a disciple of Christ.

(Copyright ©08/2006)

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lonelymemories's picture

this is a good poem...showig what can happen if you truly do believe.....