As It Was In The Days of Noah

The End Times

For as it was in the days of Noah, my friend, so shall it be again,

But man’s morals will drop even lower and then we will see the end.

Christ warned us, so all could know the signs of the time my friend,

Less you think that God is slow, He wants not to see you condemned.

The earth is not getting any kinder as violence is filling our world,

But this should be to all a reminder of the Gospel we need to herald.

This is from a source much higher who is also Savior of the world.

And He will defeat the end time liar after his deception is unfurled.

There shall be false prophets and Christs sent by Satan to deceive,

And even Satan shall be an angel of light tempting many to believe.

He will display wonders of power and might for all to watch and see.

And many will follow his deceptive light into a Christ less eternity.

God saw man’s evil wickedness and it filled His heart with much pain,

For because of His Righteousness, He said that man must not remain.

So God wiped all of man’s unrighteousness from every hill and plain.

And since man’s heart is bent towards vileness God must do it again.

As in Noah’s days man was corrupt and for God there was no desire,

And men on earth would live it up, never seeking a life much higher.

And today much evil is worshiped, all prompted by that ancient liar.

So God once again will be abrupt, however this time He’s using fire.

(Copyright ©06/2004)

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honey811's picture

This is true all so true, I cause you can say the spirit is working with you and I can so relate I feel the spirit and the same message being worked in me. I love the way you epress it with such great force. I totally understand everything your saying.