A Special Child Is Born

God's Sovereignty

He was a very special child, who was born in a very miraculous way,

He was born of a virgin on what was otherwise a very ordinary day.

For He was conceived by The Holy Spirit inside his mother's womb,

He was then born in a manger, because in the inn there was no room.

However, He was born a King and would become the Savior of us all,

This was not very obvious, as He was born among animals in a stall.

This was very humble beginning for the creator of the entire world,

Yet He brought a message of peace and hope for all of us to herald.

God spoke first to his mother Mary about the child she did conceive,

You shall give him the name Jesus and many in Israel will believe.

God spoke next to Joseph about the child Mary suddenly found within,

His name shall be Jesus for He will save His people from their sin.

And one day this little child who many people will come to adore,

Won't be lying in a manger, but be on David's throne forevermore.

The night that He was born the sky was filled with an awesome light,

And fear fell over shepherds who were watching their sheep at night.

It was an angel saying fear not, as I bring you good news to herald,

In the City of David a child has been born the Savior of the world.

Today Jesus who died and was raised to The Father's side in Glory,

Waits with Salvation for all who believe it's more than just a story.

(Copyright © 03/2002)

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Pamela Six's picture

this is very beautiful as is all your work. i say this because i love God and everything about Him. keep up the beautiful work. and thank you for sharing messages of faith.