A Message To Proclaim


With many slipping into eternity daily we have a message to proclaim,

However many people are ignorant of the Gospel to The Church's shame.

When Paul prayed for the boldness to fearlessly speak Christ's name,

He was filled with Power so many of his hearers were never the same.

The Gospel message is for all to hear; The Bible makes it very clear,

However, many will not give an ear as the end of this age draws near.

And men who simply mock and jeer will be condemned eternally I fear.

Jesus said to all with ears; with sober understanding let him hear.

Jesus was clear at the start but is The Church carrying out her part?

Since the time is so dark, has indifference settled into our heart?

If you haven't done your part, with Jesus it's not too late to start.

But if His appeal doesn't move your heart He may tell you to depart.

Israel had zeal without knowledge; do we have knowledge with no zeal?

Like Israel do we have a stone heart or one with love that can feel?

Without love that leads to zeal, perhaps like Israel we're not real.

From Christ's end it's a done deal, we just have to obey His appeal.

With the only true message of life we are told to become a sacrifice,

And remember, Paul was jailed and beheaded for the cause of Christ.

Told to snatch men from the pit, so why do we choose to quietly sit?

You can be sure that Paul didn't quit, until his head hit the basket.

(Copyright ©02/2004)

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