I Am

He spoke, “I am who I am”, Said the Creator of all men.

Yes, He is the very Word, that all have read and heard.

Jesus Christ is God, friend; the Beginning and The End.

Jesus said about Abraham, “before he was born, I am!”

“I Am the Bread of Life”, were the words of Jesus Christ.

The true manna from above, sent by the Father’s Love.

He said “I am the Living Bread”, giving life to the dead.

I’m God’s and He is mine, in Christ’s love that is divine.

Jesus said “I am The Light”, to draw men from the night.

The Light of the world friend; The Light that has no end.

You’ll be in dark no more, as you follow Christ as Lord.

Christ said ”I am the vine”, and in Christ we must abide.

Jesus said “I am The Way”, and that’s what He is today.

The Way, Truth and the Life; found only in Jesus Christ.

Come, for “I Am the Door”, were the words of The Lord.

The Only Door to Eternal Life, is The Son Jesus Christ.

“I am The Good Shepherd”, and Savior of the wayward.

Even many that are scattered, by Jesus will be gathered.

“I am The Resurrection”; Christ is hope for every nation.

His victory over the grave, gives hope to those He saves.

He is all this and much more, if you know Christ as Lord.

The Alpha and Omega friend, the beginning and the end.

Just believe in Jesus Christ, and you receive Eternal Life.

What He said don’t dismiss, for He is, who He said He is.

(Copyright ©09/2005)

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honey811's picture

This is a remarkable piece and very very true. I also written a poem called The Light, another called The Way and The Lord is our shepard. Reading your works that are so inspiring and very well written I know that you to have the Holy spirit that surrounds you.