Now That He’s Risen

God's Sovereignty

Now that Christ has risen above, we should reflect upon His Love,

Love displayed for you and me, by The Savior and Lord of eternity.

And with the price completely paid, we will one day too, be raised,

Raised to be just like Jesus Christ, on the day we enter eternal life.

Now that He’s back on His Throne, He’s made us an eternal home.

A dwelling place where we can be, together with Christ for Eternity.

All things for us will be made new, and this with Eternity in full view.

Death and darkness will be no more, in the light of Christ our Lord.

Never concerned with death again, if you know The Lord my friend,

But looking forward to Eternal Life, secured for all by Jesus Christ.

Even if on this earth we should die, we’ll be transported to the sky.

And this with a new body fitted for, eternity so we will die no more.

And for all those who haven’t died, we will be raptured to His side,

Changed in the twinkling of an eye, to meet the Lord up in the sky.

We will be escorted by Jesus Christ, right into His Eternal Paradise,

The place prepared for all those, who believe in The One who rose.

Jesus rose to secure the victory, over death and sin for you and me.

It was Love which moved The Lord, to die so we could be restored,

Reconciled to The Father above, through The Son’s matchless Love.

A Love we’ll reflect on forevermore, when home above with our Lord.

(Copyright ©04/2006)

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