The Lord Reigns

The Lord Reigns from on High, upon His throne above the sky,

And from His throne in majesty, He rules the world that we see.

He ruled the world in ages past, with a rule that will forever last.

For Christ will reign for Eternity, as all nations on earth will see.

His uplifted hand still is raised, though by all, He is not praised.

When His Wrath begins to flow, every nation on earth will know,

That Christ is the sustainer of, everything in the heavens above,

And of all upon the earth below, everything we’ve come to know.

One thing you can not dismiss, that He reigns in Righteousness,

Indeed, Holiness is found in Him, that reigns above all earthly sin.

When He reigns upon the earth, all sin and iniquity will be purged.

At that time His righteous decree, will cover earth from sea to sea.

Today Christ reigns in the heart, of every believer who’s set apart,

Set apart by The Lord above, cleansed from sin and filled with love.

Today we reign in Christ’s Spirit, sharing Truth with all who hear it,

Knowing when Christ does come, we will reign with God’s own Son.

You can also reign with Christ, and receive from Him Eternal Life,

If you receive Him in your heart, you, in His Reign, will have a part.

If you choose to dismiss The Lord, you, by Jesus, won’t be ignored,

And from His Reign of Righteousness, you will surely be dismissed.

(Copyright ©09/2005)

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