Above Life’s Storms

These are down times, said by most, affecting all, coast to coast,

Very hard times economically, touching in many ways you and me,

But, those in God can rise above, all these down times, spoken of,

High above, with God’s power, through the darkest times and hour.

Though tough times get us down, in The Lord our strength is found,

As we receive The Lord’s Favor, we find strength that will not waver,

Like an eagle in grace and form, God helps us rise above the storm,

Peace and hope our Lord brings, to soar with God on eagle’s wings.

In times of uncertainty we can soar, as we wait for God’s open door,

Closing the storm securely behind, filling us with true peace of mind,

And after the storm by God’s Grace, He guides us to a stable place,

Just like the eagle fully assured, positioned by the hand of our Lord.

Though the times be dark as night, we can go forth shining His Light,

To a world that’s lost in the storm, with our witness, gentle and warm,

Leading men from a coldness of life, into the warmth of Jesus Christ,

Who helps all believers to cope, in life’s storms with God given hope.

When times are darkened by men, in The Son you can be Born Again,

With a hope to New Life Eternally, never affected by man’s economy,

But, an economy created with love, by The Savior, who reigns above,

Where storms are all in the past, and all of God’s Ways Eternally last.

(Copyright ©03/2009)

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Afzal Shauq's picture

a good and impressive poem..love the idea and the way you did... i am peace wisher poet with 6 books and here is one of my famous say for love-based peace .you will like and record it ...( a friendly smile is the best wapon of war to fight with..afzal shauq ) hope you go through my poems too... to know if they touch your heart and soul??