A Sign of The Times

The End Times

Dark hearts and darkened minds, this friend is a sign of the times.

A time when men have lost the way, for there is no God they say.

In their hearts there is no fear, of The Lord, who is so very near.

Doing what’s right in their own eyes and this will be their demise.

Their hearts will fail with fear, when The Lord Jesus does appear.

When The Lord’s Righteous Rule, will come down upon every fool.

Their hearts say there’s no God, but they’ll see His Righteous Rod.

All the hearts that turned away will be dealt with on Judgment Day.

They turned away from God’s Decree, and they will suffer eternally.

Men’s hearts grow cold inside, as they follow Satan’s deceptive lie.

A lie that has men so deceived, that The Truth they will not believe.

Believe The Truth to be set free, and given eyes that they may see.

But their heart grows colder still, and become captive to Satan’s will.

Captive to an evil will of iniquity and blinded that they can not see.

These men are bent on doing wrong, as they follow Satan’s throng.

Men that are so empty and aloof, they invent ways to distort Truth.

Satan has these men on a path, where they’re inviting God’s Wrath.

These men are without excuse, for they rejected God’s saving Truth.

It was by them, Christ was denied, and from His Wrath will not hide.

And their darkened hearts will be, cast into outer darkness eternally.

(Copyright ©12/2004)

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honey811's picture

This was apowerful write and I so agree, The question is how do we help people who don't believe that the end times are so near, and you know they are following in the wrong direction and you love them and you don't want them to be cast away. How can we help them see?