All Earthly Things End

The Word of God

All things on earth are but a mist, and every life is upon that list,

As life upon this earth is brief, regardless of your present belief,

Whether ten or a hundred years, truly the end of every life nears,

But, with more, still ahead for all, decided for every human soul.

There is a time beyond this world, a time by God to be unfurled,

When this time will be no more, we’ll be ushered in another door,

Into a new dimension and space, all determined by God’s Grace,

This time on earth has an end, but, time in Eternity all will spend.

Since the earth will be destroyed, Salvation has been employed,

By the very Creator of earth, through Jesus Christ and new birth,

Separation from God, no more, and much ahead will be in store,

For every person in this life, who comes to God, in Jesus Christ.

For all those who want not God, in Heaven above or on this sod,

In the end, they’ll see Him never, as separated from God forever,

Never to be confronted by men, sharing a need to be born again,

Forever completely out of sight, will be all images of God’s light.

Here there’s much to anticipate, as believers for the trumpet wait,

When there will be a convocation, to meet The Lord of Salvation.

Unbelievers too will see their desire, but from in the Lake of Fire,

Unless saved through Calvary, going from death to life Eternally.

(Copyright ©01/2009)

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