Willing To Share


Men will not care what you know, if God’s love you don’t show,

Showing His love in all you do, as His Spirit works through you,

While living for God in this life, truly showing the Love of Christ,

Showing others you truly care, by stepping out for Him to share,

This as you share resources with, others through your loving gift.

When the Lord blesses you, you can share that blessing through,

The reaching out to others who, aren’t as blessed as me and you,

Willing for God, to pay the cost, by extending love to others lost,

Knowing Him, Who paid the price, our life too, can be a sacrifice,

Sharing what Christ has given us, shouldn’t become a major fuss.

For all we have, was given by, the One who came, to earth to die,

The pattern for both you and me, so His Love is what people see,

So gifts of help may open the door, to share the Gift of our Lord,

As we help others in many ways, giving to Him the ultimate praise,

Willing to share, as living proof, we want to share The Living Truth.

Although God’s Truth may offend, we must be to all, a real friend,

Let the love of God abound, to share the Truths of God we found,

For all need God’s Living Bread; without it, they’re spiritually dead,

Separated from God, Eternally, so Eternal Truth, they need to see,

So when given a chance in this life, we need to share Jesus Christ.

(Copyright ©05/2009)

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