Truth to life is in soreness of sense

dew of future is in mirror of memory

the past is new paven-path to present

of future cylinder

although,the fresh experience of past

might distinct to  conduct

the programme of present

but ideal and ordeal are the usual carven-face of life

where we are and,

deprivation of past may intend to retain

past to present and making

the sadden past to present sobbed

man born nowhere,reside anywhere

sooner later,i would walk it behind

with hope of interest and

spec of determination

to gain is easy,loosening is complicated

i took  way to back to precised-past

where life was't life

only known

and brother is not sister

sister is not brother

vise visa to father and mother

all were soundless of help and  disconcernation

while i thought all rotted and bent

with mind of endless,sure i need myself

i would dream not,but chase dream

and build my own sky over my head

world under my feet

Author's Notes/Comments: 

man makes man when man takes cites the situation in which peoplae found theirselves and refuse to take courage

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Ruth Lovejoy's picture

I like this piece because it really states we have to contribute to the world to benefit the whole of mankind and do our party in unifying the body human..