you are like fresh flesh baby

who is the pride of barreness day

you look like young leaves

growing on the palm tree

which smiles the face of forest

you are mirror who must not reflect

in the sun as you can blind the face

you are red feathers of parrot

that must not remove by wicked man

you are like rain preventing

the suffering of  seasons

you are whites flowers the pride of the leaves

which illuminates the set rows

you are like tail of peacock

the prides of the birds

which has irresistable dazzling

you are the rainbow beautify the heaven

the purpose of your creation dignifies world

your beauty creates moons and stars

stare in the eyes of clean night

i can feel the love of God insde you

as races like feathers of the angel

i can hear my children

proud of you as their mother

home is not friend as you are not there

house desolates me as it expects you

i have told my unborn children to plead you

on my frontage feet

for you to fall asleep on my hand palm

and had the sweet dreams

your beauty is sorcerer as swallow others'

you are the loviest person by God

as no one more beautiful than you

as palm oil is the pride of the palm tree

you are my fins  

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