(T. Beechey)

Someplace between nowhere and nothing

I cling to dreams long ago lost

Tossed aside for another's misgiving

Why am I living? What is the cost?

I no longer have any conception

Why I've been kept if I can't partake

Perhaps I'll awake and come to discover

Some other choice that I can make

Idle hands define my purpose, I can't even muster a feeble excuse

What's the use? No one listens as I'm dismissed and reduced

Why do I remain where I'm unwanted?

The runt of the litter is my reward

I feel the sword go deeper and deeper

To reap the bounties I can't afford

So, I embark on my own journey

But every turn is ill-conceived

How can I believe that there's an answer

As each chance I take is seldom achieved?

Idle hands shall be my downfall, already I'm dulled to nothingness

Still I press on, already knowing I'm going where souls cannot confess

Someplace between nothing and nowhere

I stare blindly at a darkened screen

All the meaning's gone and there's no longer

Right or wrong on which to lean

Decisions made without my consenting

Meant to enhance, but merely succeed

In leading me further down the pathway

Away from everything that I need

Idle hands are my undoing, renewing my faith in apathy

All I can see is my faded image, dimming against society

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