Tender Love

Tender Love makes agile

the questings of the heart.

Hungering Love makes fragile

the etchings of its Art.

Sated-love stands idle

but brooding, far apart.

Eternal Love doesn't meddle:

it knows how tear-drops start.

"Tender"? "Hungering"? "Sated"?

Is not "Eternal" all of these?

For defining I have not waited:

say "Accepted!" to mine, please!!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A deviation from "What Is Poetry", into "What Is Love", will become a Sonnet when I have time for the obligatory couplet.

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Judy Costea's picture

Isn't eternal love what we all want. What a beautiful poem.

Mary L. Lamb's picture

Wow! I think I'm in love! You really know how to write a love poem!

This makes me feel like there's somewhere special waiting for that someone special to be with me. I hope you understand what I mean.

Mary Lamb