05 Sonnet Hope within Love, On "Sonnets From The Portugese."

(DO read Elizabeth's first)

About  WHAT  had "Theocritus sung", I wonder?

The same as I?   And what music had HE heard?

"Inimitable tenderness" * I had read; am I so tender?

"Passion naturally, freely expressed" * is Art's simplest word!

Old Theo (to ME obscure) SHE  has read and translated!

"Old, Sweet Years" she knew, he knew; ( we'll know. )

Theo's words make her cry for Melancholia, quest unsated;

whether "Passed" excels "Shall Come", Time shall show.

A shape behind me---(a Muse?)---I feel, not SEE.

"Bring you Love, or less, for me?" pleads my heart.

The silver threads unwind from sheaves of Memory,

as Star-dust blots the eyes, should tear-drops start.

coda:     A babbling brook laughs and sings without abate;

      its rock-troubled waters so swiftly move.

          The stream...is Life, the rocks...are Fate:

      the Music and the Voices...are our Love.

                *  John Dryden, critique

                           (1631 ~ 1700)

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Mary L. Lamb's picture

What a wonderful expression of love. My, but to be the object of so much affection!

It would surely be heavenly to feel such unbridled passion.

Mary Lamb