Waves coming in I am standing at the beach
Staring at the mesmerizing horizon
Sea gulls singing their song
The vast endless sea
The aroma of the air is intoxicating
Far away in a distance
A yacth is floating
Fishermans casting stretches of Nets
Couples are walking the sandy beach
I feel you so close its surreal
I wonder where are you
I wonder...

I take a walk towards the cliff nearby
Hands in my pocket
I whistle a tune
A stray dog follows me
We both sit and watch the view
I called him jimmy he strteched wagging his tail
He yawned and we both fell asleep
I wonder where you are
I wonder....

Congregating sea gulls their songs
Jimmys barking  woke me up
The magnificent horizon was breathtaking
I got up and started to walk
Jimmy stayed back barking at the gulls
Wagging his tail he bid farewell
I smoked a cigarette
I wonder where you are
I wonder.........

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Holidaying in #Goa 

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Poets Are Zipping Around The Globe

Just back froms seem to be the rule, but you are always on the way to the next destination. Some have been there and back and are stationery or like me, no longer flying - not fear, just practical. I'd rather write than fly. Good to see you on pp again. - slc




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