endlessly !!!

 Like a migrating lonely stork seeking a   wetland

   everyday  scanning the  horizon

  Searching  for a  deeper pool

  ' for a gentle swim 

  I long for   'thee...

  It's a mystery what you are    to me

  Its a whimsical feeling just for me

  Here to eternity ' Thee a memory'

  My flock I shall find again   I   shall fly endlessly

  I've been through

  many miles across the ocean

  I've walked  bruised,bare and hurt

  Just for a time at  peace with 'thee !


  As I   have to fly yet again when the morning sun glories

  Across the hills through hot terrain and  streams

  An old stork separated from my flock

  I must feel nothing but lonely

  I will fly  again just for a time at peace with 'thee,

  I will  endlessly....!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

an old one tis...!!!!!!

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Migrating Birds

always come back for a visit. To b away. To imagine the return or past returns - a smooth series of images -A-




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:) thank you -A-