Trying to find the right words to say

as I stare up at your face

Our faces get closer

as we start to kiss

I can barely believe any of this

Searching for the words I'd like to say

I'm just afraid to say the wrong thing

maybe you will say it too

It's just those three little words


What is Love exactly?

The way we feel?

How do we know it is real?

I wish for a second that I could just stop time

So you can and Forever Always Be Mine

When you hold me tightly

by the hips

Just a kiss from your lips

makes me smile

Everytime I'm with you

I just want to say I LOVE YOU

So here it goes


Although we could change

my heart will always feel like this

Whenever I think of your Kiss

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David Wilkins's picture

I love that poem and you know what that sounds a little familiar