Losing My Mind

I've got so many thoughts

on my mind

I'm trying to hide

I'm afraid to show you the real me

I don't want something so great to leave

Every second alone I feel I'm sinking

deeper into a dark hole

I feel once I touch bottom

I will never come back up and feel whole

Will anyone notice my cries for help

Will my tears silence you all?

I always talk of how happy I am

But in reality I'm dead

I am always in the spot light

being watched, being seen

but for some reason I feel like no one is there

I feel as if i'm bleeding

My intuition tells me I'm a better

person around you

I think you deserve better

I don't believe in love

It is just setting yourself up for heartache

and the knowledge of deciet

So when all of you ask me my thoughts or intentions

pay careful attention

I might be lying to you and saying  i'm fine

but really i'm fighting back my tears

because I have the fear of

Losing My Mind

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Brenda Bowdish's picture

it was so great that i cant even speak wow thats is a great poem

David Wilkins's picture

Try not to hide your fears becuase david wilkins is here. I love you and have a happy day.