Thinking inside out

Back when I was a kid, I had a dream that the earth was a living creature.

Water was it's blood, the rivers it's veins and the trees were it's lungs. Landscapes its skin. Fertility thrived, every creature, everything in balance. 


As an adult, I think again maybe this is the earth's immune system fighting a virus, Us... The creature, a disease that knows no boundaries, shows no respect and has no morals to do what has been put in place, by a system generated to enslave a species, brainwashed to chase a man made currency that is now physically not an object no longer. But a number on a computer. 


This earth is fighting a fight... That it cannot win...

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The Earth Will Win

A superbug or self-extermination will rid Gaia of humans. Her millennia long ages attest to the rise and fall of species. We have placed ourselves on a very short list. The Earth will heal eventually. Birds will see the restoration. ~S~