Together and Alone

The Soul's Journal

How can I not feel hurt, from what I 've come to believe

My advances have been denied, my desires, sent back to me

The visions that I saw have only now become a dream,

And all the passion that have must now remain inside of me,

All I wanted was to feel your touch, to see how love could be

To understand why no one else I've met has made me feel so free

Its not fair to be upset because our situation is unique

No matter how hard I try to explain and express, my statements seem so meek

And to know you didn't feel this way with others, is what makes me feel alone

The woman that I love, that I yearn to have, cannot see me in her home

My hands were made to touch you, not just physically, but more

My fingertips make you shiver because they connect my soul with yours      

And when my hands begin to search, and you think I'm about to start...

I'm only looking for the music from the beating of your heart

If you ever catch me staring, before you start to sigh,

Understand that what I'm looking for is hidden in your eyes

Your dark skin thrills me, when it's pressed against the lightness mine

Alone they are just shades, but become infinite when combined

When my world begins to burden me and won't allow my mind to breathe

I lay my head upon your chest and all my worries start to leave

You are without a doubt my medicine when my world makes me ill

And now I think that you've forgotten how good I can make you feel

I asked you not to be afraid, it seems like, so long ago

We make each other twice as brave because we know we're not alone

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kat's picture

I found your poem featured on the home page....I'm glad I stopped in to read it. I enjoyed it very
much and hope to read more of your work soon.

Ms Demeanor's picture

This was nice. I feel you. Maybe because I know you. You are such a sweet and caring person. I hope that what you feel here will be given back to you in the near future because you deserve to have what you give to be recipricated. I really liked this piece. Thanks for sharing. Hang in'll be worth it in the end.