Some Quirks

I wonder what my last photo will be

I always step on red tiles with my left foot

I don't like to wear headphones when I'm home alone

When I get too stressed out over the amount of work I have to do, I wanna turn into an owl

I have a deathly fear of a stranger walking into my home with a mask

I escape to my room when I feel bad feelings

Sometimes I feel attractive

Sometimes I feel ugly.


I like going to parties, then avoiding all the people and going off alone.


I hate dirt or sand on my bare feet

I liken sounds to colors

And the color orange will set you free

I am a little strange

But I wouldn't change me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

On this side note, I also hate the joke where someone mentions the temperature and another person says it is because of them. It's never funny, Never!

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Today I stopped thinking I

Today I stopped thinking I was the only one who likened sounds to colours. Thank you for not being afraid to share this. xP

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Hah, this totally reminds me

Hah, this totally reminds me of myself!! XD

Matthew 7:14

The Narrow Gate

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"...sounds to colors...

Nice! Cool selfie. :D



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Thank you Lady A!! (:

Thank you Lady A!! (: