What Does It All Mean? (Sarcasm)

There's no beauty anymore

In simple hard work

Let's all run around an art gallery

Screaming when will it end?


An elitist group of humans

Who can communicate only amoungst them selves

Opionated and self righteous

There's no getting through


Mark them by their clothes!
Mark them by their music!
Mark them by their haircut!
Mark them by their attitude!

I give up

I'm no better

I give up! 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Don't take everything so seriously

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To mark anyone is a mistake –

To mark anyone is a mistake – because the human soul is multitudinous and cannot be confined. Although at times, it appears to fit neatly in boxes; in reality – it is never so. For even if a finger or a little blade of grass – poked through, it would circumvent your box.

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Yeah thats kinda what I meant

Yeah thats kinda what I meant lol (:

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We Are They


Consider the edge of paper as

solid touching space around

the cut off point: edge 

of the room touched,

the building, city, country

touched, the earth's edge

is defined, the solar

system, every where.

The edge separates each

entity from itself. Humans

are like an edge.