I'm Not Cynical I Swear

They all tell their story

They want to travel

They want to be in love

They want to live in a picture with a filter about the clouds above


They don't want to have an original thought

Those aren't in

They don't want to work

For that money to travel with

They forget about heart ache

That doesn't exist

Pictures are fake

And so is everyone's positivity lake

That they drown thier personalities in.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I just get a little fed up with suburban kids wanting this idealistic life of care free living. My friends Jeff agrees with me.... See?!

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Not Just Suburban

We live in a world where escapism is norm 4 rich & poor, healthy & weak. The realist own all the wealth. Jeffrinella also agrees.



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Even I like to escape so who

Even I like to escape so who am I to get angry, I'm glad they are on the same page! :)