Do Not Badmouth The Cat.


Let me write a body

I want to write the body

If you bad mouth the cat

So will everybody


Click Clack the door whispers outside

The truth about me in these walls confide

A haunted memory begins

And the wall and my head collide


There was a terrible noise

There was a terrible silence


I caught my shadow in the act

For it was whispering to the cat!

Secrets about me

No one can ever see

Now for everyone it is to be


I don't know what I am saying

Who is this person in my room

That I've spent six days in


I am now the prey

I saw a baby with a tube in its brain

For every day I spend in darkness

I stray from the city

And lights begin to fade

I am alive this way! 


Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wanted to try to write something of a delusional paranoid with schrizophrenia. I'll call him Jeff.

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KindredSpirit's picture

I would call him

Tom the Cat.



Good Luck with your new friend.

Finsmojo's picture

Haha Thank you!:)

Haha Thank you!:)

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Good name for a delusion. I have several but I have no shadow to tell the cat. I think of Angie Baby - intriguing write. brain tubed baby was a kicker in the liver! - Encore - :S



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Haha thankyou! I want to

Haha thankyou! I want to kinda make Jeff a character of mine! The baby with a tube in its brain came from a dream I had! :)

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I Recently

came out of anesthesia - dream sleep. They said I was singing. Don't remember a thing, but I guess it was a pretty good dream. - allets




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A pleasant dream can make for

A pleasant dream can make for a pleasant day :)