The Sound Of A Sunset

I've often found myself

Peering at a sunset over my shoulder

I watch the colors of pink and orange

Kiss each other over

For the moment I am filled with wonder


What would a sunset sound like?

I like to think it's a low hum

And if we could hear it

It would encompass everything you are and will be

And everything good you have ever done

It would sound like an orchestra of sweet honey has enveloped you

For a moment you'd be filled with the breath of life

And you could let go of all fears as if you have already died

How I long to hear what the sound of a sunset is like

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" if you had already died..."

I love this line. Sunsets (even a metaphor for death) should sound like honey - Enjoyed this one. Encore. Looking forward to reading your work - Stella :D



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I'm really glad you enjoyed

I'm really glad you enjoyed it! Thank you so much!:)