Thanksgiving Love

Our love is a song // we jus move with da beat // baby im thankful for u most of all // on dis thanksgiving feast // it was only years ago when our hearts first met // & back then our love was so innocent // remember ? U was my everything & I was ur forever // & all dat love we shared with each Other // yea we had our ands and ifs // we had our ups and downs // yea we said our sorries // then went right back around // had some more fights // but our love we constantly found // we jus knew things were alright // cuz we knew it was jus part of life // whether we together or apart // you'll remain close to my heart // to death do us part // & if da memory crash jus hit da restart // yea u can call us a leap of faith // but for u baby I'll take a jumpstart // and as this winter grows cold // our beat will keep us warm // through da struggles // through da storm // with our everlasting song // da beat dat will never die dats planted deep inside // as long as we're alive jus kno dat ur my wife // & as I pray I give thanks to this thanksgiving day.


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