Deuces Remix

Sad Love Poems

The contract between us is now shred to pieces // no more minor recess // who, wat, why would make me wanna cease this // cuz the seed of are relationship blossomed into wat is now leafless // how could love leave us // still got da scar from where cupids arrow used to be // & all along it reminds me of what u used to mean to me // infinite possibilities, a miracle, a cure // but only pure animosity is wats left to endure // like remnants of da shattered heart dat beats in my chest // so if this is one of gods test // tell him I dnt care no more to give me a F // I tried my mother fucking best // but I need some dam rest // but these girls round me quick to impress // so they quick to undress // a little too much to ingest // but i can only accept // wat I try to expect // I'm trying to get over my now ex // so I guess it's now peace princess // as I walk into da sunset it's a new dawning // knowing that I won't be there in da morning // thoughts of me still linger // as u realize we split like fingers // DEUCES !!...


Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is my version of the song Deuces by Chris Brown

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