Broken Dream

He’s this thing that’s never going to  happen no matter how bad I want it to. He’s another empty dream. Why can’t I dream the right dream? Why can’t I find the right tune to my song? He’s right, if I can’t learn to care and love myself nobody will. I’m tired, but can’t get enough sleep, rest, or peace. Maybe I am broken or maybe the pieces aren’t in the right place. To belong is to be ..... I don’t know anymore.



                                             -Tired girl

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To Belong

is everytrhing! His loss. Keep searching. Never give up! Evenutally, reality will catch up with the hormones - and the emotions will only even out until after pms goes and menopause fades - so buck it up kiddo. If you think losing prince charming is tough, wait until child birth - Stay strong. -slc