there (never) will (become a day)

 i loved you more times
then the moon as went around the sun
a day shall come
that i will no longer be.
my ashes will return to the earth.
some into the sea
some will blow with the wind
i'll become star dust
a day shall come
the earth will stop moving
the firey sun will burn out
our very exsistance
but never
will there be a day
that i stop loving you

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Inspiring Write

Enjoyed thoroughly! ~A~




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The stars will all go nova

the seas will bleed dry

the air will vanish

and I will still love you.


Cities will crumble

Sol will grow out of light

No snow will fall again ever

but I will still love you.


Molasses will run thin

hens will refuse to lay

cars will rush and no more

will be built anywhere

all that will remain

is my love and you.


Stella L. Crews