y-our dream..

i remember alot,

our talks, our jokes, our plans of running away,

your dreams,

you used to tell me about them

you were walking through a field,

in a dark dress,

theres a willow tree on the far edge

a water fall next to the tree,

the picture in my head,

its a beautiful picture 

you used to tell me, how you wish i could see this place

in your dream you used to walk through this field,

as if you were searching for something,

many of years have passed,

since we have spoken about this,

i havent givien much thought up until afew weeks ago

i know what you were looking for, but i dont understand why

i too had this dream believe it or not,

i walked up and down that field looking for something,

i got tiered and sat on a large rock next to the tree

i woke from that dream,

but now i know..

Author's Notes/Comments: 

its late i just wanted to lay down some thoughts this could be a beautiful piece with a little work..


P.S. you never told me about the rock, i'd figure i'd point that out in case you would ever see this, that way you know im telling the truth..

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Somebody Else's Dream

What a great idea - and to have the same dream after years is nice too.
"Y-our" is very poignant and nice. Hope to see more of your work - s'been a while! - slc