when words become meaningless

something real

something true

just the thought of you 

runs through my mind daily

i like to think this was your fault somehow

i'm a man of my word

my words have become meaningless

maybe it was too easy

i betrayed you time and time agian

this pain has yet too ease

but it doesnt compare to the despair

i've left you with

my words have lost all of its meaning

if there was anyone i've trusted it was you

maybe i told you too much

maybe you shouldnt have trusted me

put your faith in me

time and time agian

 i've let you down

this pain i'll live with it 

until im thrown in my grave

this distance will remain

i must protect you

from myself

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i dont like to re-write and edit stuff.. this i did, there is meaning behind it, but im also not sure where im going with it..right now im mind is a cluster.. the title for this was goin to be,  these words dont mean shit.. but wasnt sure if i would get into any trouble. can anyone clear this up for me?

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leave it as is  

leave it as is