4 no 1

words are words,

they can mean everything,

or they can mean nothing

they can be weapons to kill,

or the tools needed to help,


feelings dissapear in time,

wishful thinking,

is often how i write these lines,

often theres no story lines,

no real charcter,

its all in your mind,

its what you interpret it as,


faces, often change,

as they come and go,

today i'll fill the page,

maybe i'll be back someday,

to feel what i had to say,

Author's Notes/Comments: 

okay.. its not much but..the point of this is... when someone writes something, and lets just say a friend sees it, they often question what or who is it about... or maybe your find your girlfriends. poetry from high school and you question it or whatever...not everything has something behind it.. i spent over a year being single.. and most of the stuff i wrote was about love, relationship crap, as if i were with someone..some of those have nothing behind them.. but later on you find a special person and you come back to that with a real meaning... or those old writings buried in a closet about a friend you once knew they may begin to have a different meaning behind it with in time.......i guess what im tryin to say is alot of the stuff i write has something behind it.. but its not always the case.. some times its just wishful thinking i guess.. but later on in life you will find something to put behind it....


P.S. i hope this makes sense and enjoy.. :)

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Direct From The Brain

The explanation is longer than the poem in word count and more poetic to my aesthetic ear because it comes directly from you and the way you put words together in your thought matrices. Direct from brain to page. The note has more immediacy, and the poem is pretty much in the face too, but not as much. I liked the write, but I loved the  Author's Note as commentary about finding meaning later - this is the prophetic act of art - to foretell perpetually. Nice prose style! ~Lady A~



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thanks im glad you enjoy it.. and i agree with you.. i noticed it myself after i typed it, if not as i was doing it.. it could be because when im wrting the poetry im thinking about it too much..  i try not to do that, and its becoming easier for me too do, but i still kinda tend too think to much, over analyze think and what not.. as im writing the authors note, or even this for that matter.. im not thinking too much of it.. im not trying to make anything out of it such as art or whatever.. im just trying to be clear enough to make a point..thanks agian..