these moments i hold so dear..

These moments I hold so dear,

Are moments when you were here

I cherish these moments oh so dear,

Theres are the moments...

The moment I looked in too your eyes,

The moment we hugged,

The moment we kissed in the rain,

The moment you took away my pain,

The moment we joined hands,

The moment you fell asleep in my arms,

The moment I fell in love,

The moment we cryed,

The moment we died,

The moment I had you,

The moment I threw it all away,

The moment I said things I didnt mean,

These are the moments I keep in my heart forever,

These are the moments that remind me of how much I love you.

never will there be a moment with you I dont cherish,

Forever I will keep these in my heart,

I will never forget these momens we shared..

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These moments we hold so dear:


A good poem so full of emotion and memories. What blissful moments to have how unfortunate for it came to an end. A good read.