love is a tragedy..

we fall apart..
burning everything..
leaving only spirals and devils left inside my head..
things left unsaid..
people left to die for our sins..
why do these people have to go.
they did nothing wrong
brun the bridge and tear down the walls..
so we are left with nothing but a failed attempt
the ground is breakin beneath my feet..
you have betrayed me..all this time leading me to my defeat.
we now stand alone..surrounded only by our own sin..
this love is a tragedy..
with war you can never win.

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The despair in the poem is so

The despair in the poem is so captivating, absolutely loved it :)

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im glad :)

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Everything about this is

Everything about this is poetic. Even the title. This is the kind of stuff that got me into poetry. Love this.

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thank you..

glad you enjoyed it

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Dear T.R.M.

Okay poeting here - read it 3x and liked the mood and the perspective ~Lady A~