giving up.

lost my train of thought
i cant sleep
maybe i think too much
dont know what to say
everything i ever did was thrown back in my face
everything i ever said you just never listend
bring me down agian
shut me out agian
i dont seem to understand you
pick me up show me the way
turn your back and throw me away
i tryed my best
but was never enough
i gave up everything
and now im giving up on you
just hope someday it kills you
i wont be there to help anymore

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This is brilliant!! Its like

This is brilliant!! Its like you read my mind, i just couldn't put the words to it my mind is too cloudy tonight. But this PERFECT!! Love it, thankyou for sharing:)

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thank you..

im glad you enjoyed it..

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The Sour Grapes Give Up

I hope you die and I am not there to help. Okay. Been there, did it up proud, with the toe tapping on their grave because they did not make it and I could have showed them how to survive - love it, the poem, adoration for the courage of the composer - Hugz - Lady A



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thanks again..

thanks again..