so we pull off these masks
to show who we really are
to see what we become
these are my ture colors
my heart is black
my brain decaying
my viens caving in
hands are cold
my body is shutting down

battered and brused
but giving up i refuse
with these thorns under my feet
i wont fall to defeat
i'll be here until they drop me six feet deep

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Haunting in a way that I

Haunting in a way that I could never descripe with the stubbern-ness equaling nothing compareable. I really enjoyed it.

Keep writing and dream on!


If your mirror doesn't find you one of the most beautiful people it has ever seen, punch it and find a better mirror.

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Opening Lines

Many poets do not know how to start, I like your starting perspectives, they do indeed rock! - The mask drops, let the games begin - Lady A



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i belive my add got me on this one.. i thought of re-writting it the first part is about a girl i was with for few years.. its funny how sometimes you do really know the person like you thought.. as for the rest well ADD kicked in i sounds alittle off subject..