Just a fool

im am so alone, cold like a stone, you are part of me, that i cant let go, all these words i have to say, all these habbits i cant break, now ive lost you and now im, now im all alone, you what i look to, just to see you again, i cant explaine just what you do, do to me and do to you, now that your gone i can see, what i am to you, i guess im just a fool, a fool for loving you, here we go again, let us just pretend, that things went a different way, i guess just a fool, for beliving in you, i cant see you now, i cant hear you now, you want to just be friends, were does the past end?, i cant just be your friend, shown you to much to end, ive tried so hard to show you that ive changed for you, still you walk on, still you walk on me

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is a song i wrote about 2 years ago. if you read the rest of my poems on this page you know who its for. update she married my bestfriend

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