Maria and Tess


I stretch, and open my eyes. I'm on my bed, and I look over at my roommate's bed. She's not there. I look around the room, trying to find her. I feel something pressing into my back, and I slowly turn onto my back so I can see what's behind me.
"Hey Maria" my roommate Tess says, smiling at me.
"W-w-w-what are you doing in my bed?" I ask, stuttering.
"I couldn't help it!" she whispers, as she leans up on her elbow. She has a bra on, and boxers. I look her up and down, and my mouth, by its self, falls open slightly. I have to admit. She looks hot! Tess runs her right hand across the foot of bed between us, and up my stomach. Involuntarily, I arch my back into her hand. My eyes widen as I realise what I just did.
"Y-y-you know, I think I have to get to class!" I squeak out, flinging the covers off and flying off the bed.
"Maria, it's saturday. We don't have school today." Tess says, crawling off the bed, and slowly walking towards me. I back up more, and find myself pressed against the dresser. Tess slides up to me, and strokes my face with her left hand.
"Calm down babe," she whispers to me, "I didn't mean to scare you."
"I can't do this, I'm not outgoing, o-o-or pretty, o-o-or anything..." I say quickly. I'm scared. Yes, I've thought of this, but what if I'm just a toy? Tess shakes her head and presses her body against mine.
"Maria, be quiet" Tess says, and takes my hand. My legs are wobbling, and I'm shaking. But, then, she slowly moves her face closer to mine, and presses her lips onto my lips. I feel this crazy tingling feeling, flying through my body like fireworks. I let out a gasp, and she puts her hands on my waist. I return her kiss, and forget about my worries. I find that my arms have moved up and around her neck, playing with her hair. She pushes against me, manipulating the space around us, and I find my self being moved to the right, and my back slams against a wall.
"oomph!" I gasp from the force of being slammed to the wall.
"Sorry!" Tess whispers, before moving in again.
"It's ok-" I get out, before she has pressed her lips against mine. Her tongue presses against my lips, and I let it slip into my mouth.
Her hands lift off my hips, and move to my chest. I am sure she will be going after my breasts, so I pause.
"No!" she groans, "Don't stop!" Unable to think fast enough she moves her lips from mine, and she licks my face, my ear, and down my neck. My hands search for something to grab onto around us, but find nothing.
"I. Can't. Get. Something. To. Grab." I get out between gasps. I hear her growl, and she gets off me. I blink and she grabs my shoulders, swing me around, and tells me to get onto my knees.
"What?" I ask, and recieve a yank forward, falling to my knees. Once my knees hit the ground, she pushes me sideways, so I fall onto the ground, before climbing onto me.
"Now stop finding excuses. I love you Maria, and I want you!" she says, as she lowers her mouth to my lips. I can't do anything, so I just close my eyes, and let my body do what it wants. My hands go to her waist. Tess's hands fumble with my shirt, so I push her up a little, and help her slide it off. As soon as my shirt is off, she has my bra clasp undone, and is pushing it off.
"Tess!" I shriek, my hands flying to my chest.
"Maria. You have nothing to be shy about. Tell me, do you love me?" she whispers. I think for a second, and know that I wouldn't feel this way about just anyone who was unclothing me. I do love her!
"Yes, Tess. I love you." I manage to get out. Her eyes light up, and she pushes her lips to mine. Without thinking, I let my hands come off of my chest, and go to her waist. Immediately she takes her mouth off of mine. She licks and kisses my face, all the way down to my boobs. My back arches, and I groan through my teeth. She opens her mouth, and closes it around my left breast. My eyes fly open, and I groan much louder. I can feel her smile against my skin. She takes my right hand off of her waist and moves it to between her legs. As soon as her hand lets go, my hand immediately strokes her inner thigh. She moans, and bites my nipple. I scream, and my hand travels up her hips and shove her boxers down. She thrusts her pelvis onto my hand, and I can feel how wet she is. I realise that I have wanted this forever.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is written for my special someone

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It was a prose written about

It was a prose written about a fantasy of mine about this other girl I was dating online. Her name was Taylor, but we were sending each other these "yuri" (japanese lesbians I think is the best way to explain it) poems, and her teacher saw it, and she got in trouble with her school, and then also with her grandparents, who she lives with. Now she terminated our connection, and I cannot contact her anymore! =(