Shy Girl---don't know about the title yet

Always shy,

hiding inside myself.


Keeping to myself,

or the select few people I know.



Never letting my

shield down.



Afraid to let my guard down,

to be hurt again.


To be pushed away.



Walking through the halls,

head tilted downwards,


up enough to see,

down enough to be able to hide.



Biting my tongue when bumped into.


Slipping between people and walls,

walking quickly.


Just focusing on getting past,

getting to my next class.




I kept to my studies,

burrying my nose in my books.



I have kept to myself.

Kept my guard up.



I have to keep back,

keep my walls from falling down!


From crashing down,

all around me,

causing my world to

reach an end....

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Not Done. This is something that is pretty close to my heart, as I am quite shy unless I get to know people.

Please let me know what you think so far!


I'm also open to suggestions on how to get out there!


Open to suggestions on title, or even some lines!

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