Animal Abuse Facts

The sad, sadistic, cruel facts

that surround animal abuse

are ones that can make

you feel sick to your stomach.



Do you like fox-fur coats?

Well, think about this:

eighteen red foxes were killed

to make that one coat!


Do you like mink coats?

Well, fifty five minks

were killed to make that coat.



There's an estimated 1 million animals

that are abused or killed


in connection to domestic violence.



Another fact, that is quite sick

is one involves raccoon dogs.


No, I didn't make a mistake,

and I didn't mean to say

raccoons, dogs.


Apparently raccoon dogs

are a wild species from the dog family.


These animals often

are made into fur trim.


The really sick part though,

is that it's been "documented"

that some have been skinned alive

just for their fur!


On another note,

even though there is

a ban on "commerical hunting"

there are several countries

that will still kill thousands

of whales every year!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I hope that people read this and get a sense of how much animal abuse it actually around! It makes me sick to know that this happens and since I'm still not an adult, I can't just donate every bit of money I make, especially since that would put me out of house and home when I do become an adult....




Please let me know what you think about my poem! If you by any chance get any other information, let me know, and I'd be more than happy to throw it in here!


The information was provided by the Crime Musuem and The Human Society of the United States










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