Learning the Days of the Week


Learning the days of the week,
is easy to do.
The decision to learn them
is up to you!

Monday is the first day,
it’s number 1!
This is the day of the week
that you go back to school.

Tuesday is the second day,
it’s number 2!
This is the day
after Monday.

Wednesday is the third day,
it’s number 3!
The spelling of this day
is often messed up.

Wendsday or Wednesday?
Know how you can remember
the correct way to spell it?

Think Wed, as in wedding,
then nes, and finally put in day!

Thursday is the fourth day,
it’s number 4!
After today,
you’re closer to the weekend!

Friday is the fifth day,
it’s day number 5!
This is the day
many people look forward to!

Saturday is the sixth day,
it’s day number 6!
This is the first day
of the week end.

Sunday is the seventh day,
it’s day number 7!
After today,
it’s back to school again.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A poem I thought of while I was walking to school October 24, 2012. Please let me know what you think!!

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Fun. Isn't it sad we must think about the days of the week, in terms of school? :P Clearly, this was not meant to be. Hehe. Wednseday... Wendsday? Ahh, Wednesday! Thought that was funny...


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Lol Thanks Adam! So glad that

Lol Thanks Adam! So glad that you like it!!


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What. A delightful way to

What. A delightful way to teach children. The days of the week! Now make sure you read my poem the collective you hear? HugSS

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Yes Ma'am!! ;P I'll check it

Yes Ma'am!! ;P I'll check it out now.