God Took My Sister Away

God took my baby sister away,
He took her away too soon.

I was in kindergarten,
five years old at the time.

The day He took my sister away,
was a day I was not around.

I was at kindergarten,
and my mom and baby sister
were at the hospital.

My sister took her last breath
while she was in my mother's arms.

It's hard for me
to believe in God right now.

I keep thinking that
if God existed,
He wouldn't give a baby cancer
that would kill her slowly.

But something puzzles me,
something that happened
the night before.

The night before,
when I was helping out my mom,
out of nowhere,
I knew something.

I knew my baby sister
was going to die.

I told my mom,
but she told me,
"No honey,
the doctors say,
she'll be okay."

The very next day,
when I was in school,
my little baby sister
took her last breath.

Then she was gone.

She died in my mother's arms,
and I never got to say goodbye.

So, yes,
I understand people
believe in God,
even if they have no way
of truely knowing that he exists.

What happened the night before,
is something that is still
very fresh in my mind.

This little thing
is the only thing
that keeps me believeing

that there might
be a God up there.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A poem about my baby sister Jessica who died of cancer. She left me too soon. It's hard for me to believe in a God who would let my baby sister die.

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